Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Do Something December :: How to Holiday Nails

Every week I've been trying to gussy up my little digits for the holidays!
While I would love to go and get my nails done all the time, I simply can't afford it.

That is what forces me to be creative and try things out.  If it doesn't work, no big deal. I just remove and start again.  I'm not going to be worried spending $5 on a nailpolish if I can use it over and over again (and then possibly repurpose the polish onto an art project! ala iphone cover)  I'm inspired by Pinterest... a lot! Seriously, head there for some inspiration and ideas (on anything really)!

Strings of Lights
Okay... totally hideous (don't even get me started on my cuticles of actual state of my nails... I need 'em short).  I tried to do red and green stringed lights. I used a cheap white as a base and then a black nailpolish pen and a little metal dauber thing to do the lights.  But, totally not happy with it.  So... they only lasted like 3 days.

The Snowmen
A fave design with a light blue base.  Same cheapo white polish to make the snowman. Black polish pen for the dots and arms, orange polish triangle for the nose.  White polish pen for the snowflakes on the other fingers. :)

Red, Green and White
Okay.. so I used a piece of a cosmetics sponge for this. Base of white (I need to invest in a better quality brand by this point if I keep using it as a base) and dabbed red onto the white closest to the cuticle.  Then used a pretty sheer green/gold with the sponge on top of that.  Used a red polish pen to make little dots.  I love these pens for this!  I find dots easier than drawing lines with these pens.  possibly because I'm also impatient. :)


The Asian Pear said...

Love them all! :D

Nail art tip - Even if you think your base layer is done. Leave it to dry an extra hour or two. I've had smudges happen because the base wasn't fully dried.

Webgrrl74 said...

Great tip! Now maybe you can teach me about patience.*LOL*