Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do Something December :: Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Some people get totally stuck on what to include in a stocking.
It's true.  Sad.

I am not one of those people.  In fact, I think I can safely say I'm actually pretty good at finding little things to go into a stocking!  This post may actually resemble more of a  Dollarama haul than stocking stuffers, because I bought all of this stuff the other day at... you guessed it, Dollarama.

I spent $41 and bought all of this!

* 3 chocolate bars
* 1 Willie Nelson 3CD box set.
* 24 felt sheets that I plan on doing some crafting with
* 2 iphone 4S cases (that I will also be crafting with)
* A Merry Christmas little onesie to toss in with my nephew's gift
* 2 fancy printed bubble envelopes
* Holiday themed wine bottle bands (10 in the set)
* 4 sets of patterned washi tape (also for crafting and in with my Santographer gift exchange)
* A hot pink watch
* A box of haircolour for $3!  (I'll let you know how this works out) *L*
* A black liquid eyeliner by ELF.  (normally, I wouldn't buy this here, but I heard some good reviews)
* A bag of birdseed
* 4 movie DVDs - Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Monty Python's Now for Something Completely Different, Double pack of Drillbit Taylor and School of Rock.

Dollarama has some other awesome things you could toss in a stocking for....
Those who bake:
Lots of cute cupcake liners, candy moulds, measuring cups, spatulas, party picks, aprons.  I'm actually pretty surprised by the amount of stuff.

Those who dig beauty:
Aquafina lip balms, Nicole/OPI and Sally Hansen Nail Polishes, decent tweezers, cute little cosmetic bags, nail stickers, Rimmel Union Jack flag eyeshadow (I just bought one for $3), hair elastics, big bag of cosmetic wedges, Yardley Lavender soap and shower poofs.

Those crafty types:
Cool printed scissors, pretty washi tape, make your own card kits, picture hanging kits, buttons all in one colour, tubes of glitter glue, paint brushes, photo corners for those scrapbookers,

For the new home owners:  candles, cutting boards, cookbooks, duct tape in fun colours, sink strainers, picture frames, mugs, seasonal fabric tablecloths.

For the tech savvy:  iphone cases, tablet covers, screen wipes, car chargers, retractable USB cables, power bars, blank CDs, batteries.

So there you are! :)

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The Asian Pear said...


They have REAL movies (Sherlock Holmes) and Washi tape?!?! I LOVE washi tape. =O

Webgrrl74 said...


The washi tape was an awesome find. *Granted they aren't very long - lengthwise* But I have found them bringing more of them into the stores around here.

And yes.. the real movies! I was a little shocked.

I am a little addicted to scouring the Dollarama to see what I can find. Each one seems to have different stock.

I hit up another Dollarama today and will post another haul soon. *LOL*