Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ten Things You Don't Know About Me...

[Current Track on the iTunes: Careful How You Break My Heart ~ Jory Nash]

"...I smell winter coming on, gotta fill my woodpile up.
Everything's the same, but I don't know where you are. Hour after hour."

The sand today swept towards the sea wall where I sat, like grainy clouds that scooped so low that they became earth. I now have sand in my clothes, my hair, my mouth.

I sat on that wall for over an hour staring out at the ocean. I watched the gulls fight against the currents, seemingly posed in a painting. Stillness. I watched the sea ebb and flow. Angry and sad. Very much the way my thoughts ran... I prayed, I cried, I hoped and I sent thoughts and messages out to the universe. I worried that they might be carried away by the wind, but I know the message is out there and sometimes, that's the best you can hope for.
Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

1. The bagpipes make me cry.

2. Mustard is my condiment of choice.

3. The first time I went on the Maid of the Mist was this summer(2007) with the Cowboy and when the thundering of the water got too loud and we could barely see because of the spray in our faces, he kissed me and when we stopped, it all became clear...all I could see was him in a goofy looking blue plastic cover and for a brief moment, the world was silent and everything was perfect. Kinda just like this.

4. I buy birthday cards generally far in advance of birthdays..and yet still forget to mail them.

5. I still have problems remembering my UK cell number AND house number.

6. I've been colouring my hair since grade 6 and never the same colour.
7. I love puzzles of any sort. *yes, this does include Scrabble on Facebook!*
8. I hate the 'Happy Birthday' makes me want to scream, even when it's not my birthday!
9. At any time of the day or night I can call several people who will/can do a few things for me..
(Hug Me (which is weird over the phone, but it works!) - thanks Cowboy(!), Talk to Me, Console Me, Warn Me, Offer Hit Men, Threaten to come visit, Tell Me Funny Stories and Make me Feel Much all know who you are!)
10. I call silently call pulp in orange juice "plubs" after a friend of mine used to back in school.
Added Bonus: #11.
I have never kissed a man with the same name as another man I've dated. Weird, eh?


tricia said...

i still think of pulp as plebs. i thought that's what our friend called it. how plebian. *grin*

i was cursing the plebs (and amusing myself at the thought of them) over the week-end, in fact. i laughed when i read your post. i hate the pulp. probably because we called it plubs (and plebs).

Webgrrl74 said...

Damn. I also just realized that I have kissed 2 Mikes...but oddly enough only 1 John. Weird.