Monday, January 06, 2014

Let's Talk Feet...

I know.
You're already grossed out and I've only said we were going to talk about feet.
It's funny how certain body parts really make some people wiggy.

I am one of those people who walk barefoot in my home and outdoor as often as I can.  I am never wearing socks in the summer and I abhor socks in the winter, but let's face it. Winter is fricken fracken freezing here in Canada and socks are (sadly) a requirement and then they are shoved into hot boots and shoes. We really do torture our feet! So needless to say, my feet aren't exactly the soft princess feet that all girls claim to have (Lies. All lies to perpetuate the beauty myth for the boys).

I also can't see spending my money on weekly or monthly or even bi-monthly pedis.  I quite frankly can't afford them and I'd rather drink a few fancy coffees with the money I do save.

So there I was, stuck at an impasse. Gross, rough and calloused feet (hey.. stop judging, but there ain't enough pumice in the world that wouldn't exhaust my arm trying to scrub and rub and scrape it all off) and the desire to save money, save arm strength and still come out with my tootsies as pretty and as polished as the ladies who do have the time/cash/vanity.

So let me introduce to you the Emjoi Micro Pedi.  Yes.  The same product advertised on late night television (or at dinner time) that portrays grungy rough feet being made smooth with what is essentially a mini electric sander.

I am always pretty skeptical of products sold on tv.  But seeing as my last 'on tv' purchase was the Nutribullet (which I still use everyday and am absolutely in love with), I decided to take a chance.

So, I went to Shopper's Drug Mart to pick up the unit and was excited to try it that night after my shower. (Oh the joys of a single-gal Friday night)

I opened the box, pulled out the unit.  Got my batteries ready. Was just about to open the battery compartment when the entire bottom dropped off the machine.  It was broken. Ugh. So not happy.

So, I did what most consumers do nowadays.  I tweeted them.  Never got a reply.  I emailed them. Also, never got a reply.  I eventually just took it back to Shoppers and had it replaced (I mean, I had never used it).  In short, Emjoi's customer service SUCKS.  They can afford to advertise like a mofo, but can't have anyone actually answer their emails?  Come on Emjoi. Not cool at all.

After replacing the unit, I was excited about trying it for real this time.
After my shower and before bed, I put the batteries in the unit and turned it on.  It even sounded like a mini sander.  I lightly touched it to my heel and automatically skin started filing off. (Please don't be grossed out, but it's the best way I can explain it.) 

Skin became literally a very fine dust.  Despite the cartridge being a coarse file, using it felt more like being tickled.  It was a very strong motor and still runs well when pressed up to the skin. It was nice to have something you could hold and move around your foot without wasting arm strength pumicing away in the shower.  I mean, I think I may have used it for a good 15 minutes (for both feet) and didn't get tired.

Then I slathered on lotion and went to bed.
My feet feeling fantastic and pampered.  Definitely recommended!

The Micro-Pedi retails at Shoppers for $49.99 (if I can remember correctly) and I am glad I made the leap of faith and tried it out.  It's definitely going to be a permanent part of my beauty routine.
Heaven forbid you ever have to contact their customer service, because that is a one-sided conversation.

I know I'll need to use it fairly often (ie. every other day) to keep my feet in check.  The roller is replaceable and I've already purchased a pack from (the XBUFF rollers are the exact same size and they cost $10.47 for a pack of 3), but my feet are already prepping for summer and all the hot dates I'll be snagging. ;)

Friday, January 03, 2014

2014 :: 52 Things in 52 Weeks

Okay kids. There's a new year ahead, a new word(fearless) and a desire to really do some creative, fun, challenging and life changing things this year.
I'm also looking for suggestions, partners in crime, people willing to connect me with others who can help me accomplish some tasks and make 2014 one of the most rewarding and interesting years ahead.

I've also put together a Tumblr account which will focus specifically on this year called 52 Fearless.

So... here's the list!

  1. Cook 52 new recipes
  2. 52 Week Creative Photo Project (theme based)
  3. 1 Second Every Day video project
  4. Create a timelapse video
  5. Do 40 good deeds for turning 40(totally a separate list)
  6. Take 2 photography workshops
  7. Create a personal manifesto
  8. Write 12 short stories
  9. Seek out a new/old musician each week to fall in love with (their music... not them.. although I'd be open to that too)
  10. Create 3 tulle dresses
  11. Get a new tattoo
  12. Read at least 12 works of fiction (last year I read far too many non-fiction and instructional books)
  13. Ressurect my gratitude journal
  14. Finish all my "unfinished" projects & then declutter all the stuff leftover
  15. Revamp my Etsy store
  16. Collaborate/join on an art project/collective
  17. Wire my dollhouse for electricity (don't ask)
  18. Go without TV for a week
  19. Find a mentor
  20. Finish my Scotland scrapbook
  21. Wear a dress/skirt once a week
  22. Update my address book - both digital and paper
  23. Tidy for at least ten minutes a day
  24. Mail 12 cards/letters
  25. (private)
  26. Roadtrip... Newfoundland!
  27. Attend Choir!Choir!Choir! at least once
  28. Follow a strict budget for 4 months
  29. Donate photography services to a charity
  30. Take a unique fitness class... hula dancing, burlesque, aerial silks, etc
  31. Travel by plane... Iceland.
  32. Actually get a flattering haircut!
  33. Nighttime skating
  34. Try rock climbing
  35. Go to an Instameet
  36. Take a cooking/baking class... macarons? Indian?
  37. Buy a bike
  38. Clean out my external hard drives and laptop and iTunes
  39. Hand out all my 100 postcards to those I'd really like to photograph
  40. Develop a morning stretching routine
  41. Get a good feel for the family cookbook -ie. harrass family members. :)
  42. Be outside... at least 15 minutes a day. (this will be tough in minus a million degrees.. but I'll attempt it!)
Okay... so I have 10 spaces open that I need some help with!!!
What do you think I should do with those spots?
I'm open to changing some of these as well :)

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hot Damn and Happy New Year! :)

A new year requires a little something special... a bright way to celebrate the birth of a fresh new start.  What better way to do that than with light!

I bought these candles (and glitter $2) for $1.50 a piece at ... you guessed it.  Dollarama.  They are 28 hour candles and approximately the thickness of 3 taper candles.

I kind of plan on using these as mediation candles while I am writing my journal (I wonder if they will last the full year??  I doubt it.)
  1. I literally grabbed some Mod Podge, some scrapbooking numbers, fine glitter and a foam brush.
  2. I applied the stickers with a little bit of clear nailpolish.  (They kept trying to peel off)
  3. Then podged over everything with the foam brush and rolled the candle in the glitter to give it a good coat.  I did have to put extra podge on the edges of the bottom of the candle and reroll because I seemed to miss spots.
  4. I let dry and then  I peeled off the sticker with tweezers.
A totally fun project and pretty too!  Think of all the awesome ways you could customise them with any words or coatings.  Sand would be really cool! (And yes, you should clearly make these while eating Hot Tamales candy)

Make something in this new year... you'll be glad you did. :)

I'm also going to be taking part in the 365 Grateful Project (a photo a day of something I'm grateful for)... today, it's candlelight :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Do Something December :: How to Make A Holiday Fascinator

Okay... so I'm a little late on the Christmas front.
Ummmm... BUT... I am not late on the holiday (in general) front. Yes?

I mean, you'll be going out for New Years, right?  So let's just call it a new years fascinator!

Start off loading up that hot glue gun!
We're gonna make this fast and dirty.

You'll need:

Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Hair Barrette
Faux Flowers

What to Do:

Hot glue leaves(I used bits of a fake snowy pine piece) to barrette first to cover the barrette and create a decent base to add whatever else you choose.
Add whatever little flowers (in my case, faux cranberries and silver holly leaves)

yep.  You guessed it.  All of it purchased at the Dollarstore.

Not only do we want to look fabulous, but we want to do it with a small price tag.  Perfect gift for nieces, friends, boyfriend's sisters, etc)  I even made mini fascinators for my aunts to wear for a summer wedding once!

This is your chance to be creative.  You can completely switch up an outfit entirely based on how you choose to wear your fascinator.  I like it styled just above one of my ears on a slight angle.

You can also do the same with flowers hot glued to a headband to create a fun and fabulous winter headpiece!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Do Something December :: How to Holiday Nails

Every week I've been trying to gussy up my little digits for the holidays!
While I would love to go and get my nails done all the time, I simply can't afford it.

That is what forces me to be creative and try things out.  If it doesn't work, no big deal. I just remove and start again.  I'm not going to be worried spending $5 on a nailpolish if I can use it over and over again (and then possibly repurpose the polish onto an art project! ala iphone cover)  I'm inspired by Pinterest... a lot! Seriously, head there for some inspiration and ideas (on anything really)!

Strings of Lights
Okay... totally hideous (don't even get me started on my cuticles of actual state of my nails... I need 'em short).  I tried to do red and green stringed lights. I used a cheap white as a base and then a black nailpolish pen and a little metal dauber thing to do the lights.  But, totally not happy with it.  So... they only lasted like 3 days.

The Snowmen
A fave design with a light blue base.  Same cheapo white polish to make the snowman. Black polish pen for the dots and arms, orange polish triangle for the nose.  White polish pen for the snowflakes on the other fingers. :)

Red, Green and White
Okay.. so I used a piece of a cosmetics sponge for this. Base of white (I need to invest in a better quality brand by this point if I keep using it as a base) and dabbed red onto the white closest to the cuticle.  Then used a pretty sheer green/gold with the sponge on top of that.  Used a red polish pen to make little dots.  I love these pens for this!  I find dots easier than drawing lines with these pens.  possibly because I'm also impatient. :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Do Something December :: Make Your Own iPhone Case

I am dying to purchase an iPhone 4S Lifeproof case for my phone (yeah, I wanna take photos with my phone in snow or water or sand - *sigh*..most likely snow currently), but I can't justify the price at the moment.

I also happen to like a bargain.  I know that I'm generally pretty careful with my phone and my last splurge (re: phone accessories) was a double case set by Nine West that I bought in the spring.  It has served me well, I love the flowers on it and the fact that I had a stapler that pretty much matched (yep, another Dollar store purchase).

But, sometimes you need a change.
So, I decided to jazz up a plain case that I found at the dollarstore for $2!
YES.  $2. (Canadian even!)
Seriously, the Dollar store is a wonderful resource if you don't mind something that you can either modify yourself or use as it is.  It's not a bad deal if it's something that's not necessarily a staple either.

There are several ways you can modify a plain case.  Stickers, Mod Podge on a photo, I've seen lots of glitter gems you could add on, etc.

I decided I was going to use the funky washi tape I bought to fancy one up and then nailpolish the other one.  Oh yeah. Nailpolish baby.  Not just for nails anymore.


  1. Find the washi tape you want to use. (So many choices out there!)
  2. Layer on the back of the case in the pattern that you'd like.  I totally went seasonal as I plan to rip it all off when I'm done and redesign it.

  1. Trim around the shape of the case with an exacto knife
  2. Use a clear plastic coating (a clear shelf lining works great or book protector) to cover your design. 
  3. Trim the coating to fit and attach.
  4. Voila. 



  1. Decide on a design.
  2. Paint in the reverse.  For example, paint any outlines or anything that should be seen in the front of the image first.

  1. Let dry.
  2. Paint next set of layers and let dry in between.
  3. Voila!

**I'll update a new pic once it dries and the light is better!**
Should you decide you still need a new case, but want something a little different... go ahead an buy one!  I also bought these at Dollarama for $2.50 a piece.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do Something December :: Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Some people get totally stuck on what to include in a stocking.
It's true.  Sad.

I am not one of those people.  In fact, I think I can safely say I'm actually pretty good at finding little things to go into a stocking!  This post may actually resemble more of a  Dollarama haul than stocking stuffers, because I bought all of this stuff the other day at... you guessed it, Dollarama.

I spent $41 and bought all of this!

* 3 chocolate bars
* 1 Willie Nelson 3CD box set.
* 24 felt sheets that I plan on doing some crafting with
* 2 iphone 4S cases (that I will also be crafting with)
* A Merry Christmas little onesie to toss in with my nephew's gift
* 2 fancy printed bubble envelopes
* Holiday themed wine bottle bands (10 in the set)
* 4 sets of patterned washi tape (also for crafting and in with my Santographer gift exchange)
* A hot pink watch
* A box of haircolour for $3!  (I'll let you know how this works out) *L*
* A black liquid eyeliner by ELF.  (normally, I wouldn't buy this here, but I heard some good reviews)
* A bag of birdseed
* 4 movie DVDs - Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Monty Python's Now for Something Completely Different, Double pack of Drillbit Taylor and School of Rock.

Dollarama has some other awesome things you could toss in a stocking for....
Those who bake:
Lots of cute cupcake liners, candy moulds, measuring cups, spatulas, party picks, aprons.  I'm actually pretty surprised by the amount of stuff.

Those who dig beauty:
Aquafina lip balms, Nicole/OPI and Sally Hansen Nail Polishes, decent tweezers, cute little cosmetic bags, nail stickers, Rimmel Union Jack flag eyeshadow (I just bought one for $3), hair elastics, big bag of cosmetic wedges, Yardley Lavender soap and shower poofs.

Those crafty types:
Cool printed scissors, pretty washi tape, make your own card kits, picture hanging kits, buttons all in one colour, tubes of glitter glue, paint brushes, photo corners for those scrapbookers,

For the new home owners:  candles, cutting boards, cookbooks, duct tape in fun colours, sink strainers, picture frames, mugs, seasonal fabric tablecloths.

For the tech savvy:  iphone cases, tablet covers, screen wipes, car chargers, retractable USB cables, power bars, blank CDs, batteries.

So there you are! :)

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