Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feminine Wiles & Valentine's Day

The big "love" day of the year when all the restaurants are booked, the price of fresh cut flowers skyrockets and the amount of chocolate to be found is purely diabetic!

Valentine's Day.  As a kid, I gave out cards to all my classmates being very careful as to what message I wanted the boy of my elementary school affections to receive on the card.  Often, I'd slip in a secret admirer card in there too for good measure.  It's nice to know you have a secret admirer, even if you didn't know who they were! (Less stalkerish when you are 5.)

As I got older, I still sent cards and received cards (some from boys I wasn't too thrilled about, but still appreciated).  I attended school dances, wore red and tried my hand at flirting with the notion that Valentine's day was the most romantic day in the world.  I embraced and gave love in words and deeds to all friends (and that cute boyish grade 11 guy from Portugal who didn't speak English very well, but could kiss like a man). *swoon*

Out in the workplace I also had secret admirer crushes (don't we all?) and even though nothing serious came from any of it, I was happy that they were let in on the notion that someone found them completely adorable. 

I've had my share of unromantic boyfriends.  Most of them were, sadly. Meh. It happens.  I've always been the hardcore romantic and I suppose I've even adapted to dating men who aren't.  Unfortunately.
I promise I will date the next romantic man I find and leave the rest behind.

But just because I am without a lover for this holiday does not mean I have soured.  No.  In fact, I plan on celebrating my own way (or rather my employer's way) and I will be working, wearing red lipstick and making every effort to really love myself this year, not just the one day.  That's the best gift I can give myself.  Hey, I've been doing a great job so far.

Speaking of love and the all encompassing confusion surrounding it, Girls was unbelieveable this week.  Completely raw and beautiful.   I hope you are watching it.  HBO on Sunday nights at 9pm. (Eeeeeek...and Patrick Wilson!!)

Are you Valentine-less this Valentine's day?  How are you celebrating?  Are you celebrating?

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