Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Whoa Is Me...Feminine Wiles & Football

I admit it....ever since I watched Down with Webster (Yay Toronto band!) perform in the opening ceremony for the Grey Cup this weekend past (the rest of the game I missed as our cable cut out for 2 hrs. Ironic? Perhaps.) I've had this song on repeat.  Love it.  Have a listen...

How Feminine Wiles & Football Relate:
At some point in your dating history you will meet a man. End of story. Ha!
That man will undoubtedly like SOME sort of matter what sort of man he may be.
Hell, it may be beer pong or ultimate frisbee (something a lot of kinda geeky guys I know get into (not a bad thing, just an observation))..but most likely it'll be something seen on your major network television stations.

Myself, I've dated men who were into car racing, snooker, football/soccer, hockey, fishing..but never CFL or NFL. Now don't get me wrong, most men I know will not pass up a grey cup party or superbowl, but that doesn't mean they'll spend every weekend in front of the television for every single game.  That said, many will..and's only a couple of hours, so what's the harm?

Appreciating what your man likes sounds so.... 1950's.  But really?  Is it? I mean, we hope that they'll enjoy the things we do too (or at least not roll their eyes when we discuss our sport of choice -shopping, baking, gardening...whatever it may be), so it's a bit of a tradeoff.  

You really have a couple of options when it comes to using your feminine wiles and sports.

1. You can leave your man alone to really enjoy the game with friends. That means NO checking in with texts or calls to 'see how the game is,what he's doing, etc'.  Because girl, that is REALLY annoying...and not cute at all. Let him do his thing & enjoy it without feeling guilty for not wanting to talk or worrying about what you are doing.  He'll come around when the game is done.

2.  You can learn as much as you can about the sport (without harrassing him about it during that big game..there are tons of articles on the internet that will help you with the basics and all the stats) and his favourite team/players.  You may find that watching the game together might be that you actually know what is going on!  Again, the less said is generally better.

3.  Run with the 1950's stereotype...make some sporty snacks, wear team colours and poke your head in from time to time to see how the team is doing, but don't hover.

In other news...I just finished making a smallish pot of celery & cauliflower soup with white wine.
Maybe not hearty enough for football, but certainly okay for watching Mantracker.

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