Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feminine Wiles... at Work

Remember when you were in school and nervously sent Valentine's day cards to that special person who got your attention?

Well, at work I recently had that opportunity...and took it.  Rather than cards, they sent cookies out with notes to people at work and I sent out cookies to a man in a different department than I'm in.  Simply because I think he's handsome...and has a fabulous smile.

He doesn't know me at all... I don't know him at all.  But it's nice to remind people that they are 'admired'...and no..not in a creepy way!

My note simply read: "Happy Valentines Day!  I hope these cookies are as sweet as your smile."

I watched them being delivered and him being very surprised (I can see him from my desk) and all his coworkers trying to determine who sent them and him trying to guess if it was them.  I did add my name to the card, but he doesn't know what department I'm in (obviously) just made me smile to see him smile for the rest of the afternoon.

Sometimes people need to be reminded.

In other news, the boy (BCBound) whom I've been spending time with over the past month or so has decided to scale back our blossoming relationship.  I can't do anything about it, but accept it.  It makes me very sad as things seemed to be going very well...but he has an ex that has resurfaced and would like to handle things there.  So...I have to let go...
(And yes...he is thinking/dreaming about moving to BC some point)

It's a shame though because how do you compete with someone who knows him better and vice versa than you do?

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