Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Is There Ever a New Day on an Old Relationship?

A recent conversation with a coworker who was re-entering a relationship with his past has spawned this conversation.

I've always had the belief that once a relationship sours, it's practically impossible to reignite the flames to a point where the relationship is 100% salvageable.

My coworker is optimistically positive that it can work. He was the person in the past who had been freed by his girlfriend and she is his first love and he is in his mid-late 20's.

Age and experience definitely plays a factor in what I believe to be a big mistake when considering a return to a previous relationship. I think the role you played and who/how it ended matters too.

But overall, I think it's just a big mistake. Unless a significant amount of time has passed and you've worked on correcting the contributing factor you brought to the breakup, it's simply doomed to be repeated.. But on a much faster downhill slope.

And boy, since he got back with his ex, he's been cranky! How do you feel about reuniting with an old flame?

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The Asian Pear said...

If the relationship ended on a good note, I think it's possible. But regardless, a significant time should have passed I do agree.